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The Cookie Monster

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The Cookie Monster

I am the original Cookie Monster. I am pretty sure that Jim Henson based his character on me. Henson’s Cookie Monster and I do not look alike, and whereas the furry-blue version speaks in short, clipped sentences, “Me want cookie!” I don’t mince words. I get to the heart of the matter right away. “Cookie!” is all that I need to say. Now I don’t know if my namesake has discriminating taste, but I sure do. I will not waste calories on something that is not worth it. For example, I do not like store-bought cookies. I should mention there is one exception. Kebbler makes a cookie reminiscent of the Girl Scout Thin Mints, although much better in my opinion. (Sorry Girl Scouts) They are called Grasshopper cookies. The only way to eat them, however, is to keep them in the freezer and take one, who am I kidding, a few, out when you need a fix. A warning. It may be necessary to limit oneself to a certain number ahead of time. See if you can stick to your bargain. I rarely can.

I am also very picky when it comes to homemade cookies. I do not consider tubs of dough that you scoop out, or rolls of dough that you buy, cut and bake, homemade. Homemade cookies involve starting with all of the separate ingredients and going on from there. I do have some recipes that I make again and again, as they are really worth repeating. Some recipes, although they are good, I don’t feel the need to make again. Instead, I go on to something new.

In November’s Food and Wine Magazine, there was a recipe titled “Chocolate Brownie Cookie”. Their editor-in-chief Dana Cowin, it was written, declared that this was the most delicious cookie that she ever had. Yes, those cookies are very, very good. However, I have never been a fan of talking in absolutes. There so many really good cookies out there. I cannot dub one the best of all. I can dub one a damn good cookie. Sometimes the the damn good cookie can depend on my mood, or on what ingredients we might have around. Sometimes it is the one that I just bit into.

Back to the Chocolate Brownie Cookies. The cookie has the best parts of a brownie, the crispy outside, with a soft interior. However, since they are a cookie, the crisp exterior to soft interior ratio is so much higher. The best I have ever tasted? No. But they are damn good cookies.

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Getting Things Done

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I have come to realize that I need to stop second-guessing myself, and just get my posts up. I have too many drafts, all in different stages of completion. Every time I read one, I change a word here and there, and then tell myself that I need to come back and read it again at a later time. Well, Jackie, this isn’t going to be the next “Great American Novel”. Let’s get going.

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