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A Jar of Egg Whites

February 14, 2013 Comments off

A Jar of Egg Whites

When we make ice cream that has a custard base, we always end up with a container of egg whites in the refrigerator. They have found their way into omelets and egg scrambles, as well as the compost after I have forgotten about them for a while. I have tried making meringues with limited success. And then I found these cookies. This recipe just worked for me. After baking a couple of test cookies, I chopped more walnuts and threw them into the mix. I then had something else to add to my “Darn Good Cookies” file. So it doesn’t really matter which comes first in this conundrum. If I make ice cream. I have egg whites for the Chocolate Meringue Cookies. If I make the cookies, I will be forced to make ice cream because I would never want to have egg yolks go to waste.

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