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Homemade Ice Cream. Really?

September 27, 2012 Comments off


Black Coffee Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of those things that I never thought I would make myself.  I figured that there are so many good ice creams out there, I would use the time I had for cooking  to make other things.  Last year, I started to pay attention to the homemade ice creams that our dear friend Ralph always makes to go with desserts that grace the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, I helped Ralph make the ice creams. And then I borrowed his ice cream machine. And then I started making ice cream. And then I was hooked. And then… yeah, we bought an ice cream maker. The first ice cream that we made was Swiss Orange Chip, a custard-based ice cream.  You can read about that ice cream here.

Then, thanks to Leite’s Culinaria, we were introduced to Jeni Britton Bauer. Her ice cream recipes use a cornstarch slurry as well as cream cheese in place of the egg custard. We tried the Black Coffee Ice Cream, and were sold on Jeni’s method. I don’t need a chicken in every pot, but lately I need a container of this ice cream in our freezer. Every day. You can find the recipe for this wonderful ice cream at Leite’s site here.   Right now, I gotta go make some more.

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Discovering Swiss Orange Chip Ice Cream

August 20, 2012 2 comments

Early on in our relationship, S. had been telling me about this wonderful ice cream from Swensen’s, a local ice cream shop. Swiss Orange Chip. Didn’t really sound terribly enticing, but what’s in a name? We went to said ice cream shop, and S. ordered two Swiss Orange Chip cones. It did not look like a really dark chocolate, which disappointed me, but I tried to keep an open mind. An open mind, and then an open mouth, and then “Oh, yes.”  It was really wonderful.  Swensen’s is not close to here, so we did not have the ice cream often. It became a destination special treat. While surfing around the net one day, I happened to Google “Swiss Orange Chip Ice Cream”. I stumbled across a site where in 2009, someone named Cindy Ruth had been talking about having fond memories of, and really missing, the Swiss Orange Chip Ice Cream she used to get at a Swensen’s in Missouri. You can read about her duplicating the recipe on her blog, Baked Alaska. (see link below) I saved the recipe, thinking that perhaps I would have the chance to make it someday. That someday came when I borrowed a friend’s ice cream maker, and we made Cindy Ruth’s version of Swiss Orange Chip Ice Cream. She had really nailed that recipe. All  we could say, was “WOW”.  We found ourselves saying “WOW” every time either of us put a spoonful of that ice cream into our mouth. We were eating Swensen’s Swiss Orange Chip, and we did not have to drive across town to get it. Do your mouth a favor, and make this ice cream. See if you find that it has the “WOW” factor. We sure do.

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